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We have a dedicated team who specialise in tyre fitting & balancing. We offer wheel alignments with a state of the art 3D wheel aligner . We understand steering geometry & tyre maintenance better than a standard mechanical workshop that is why this is a task with a dedicated team . We stock the leading brands and guarantee to match any written tyre quote from any tyre retailer or tyre franchise in Australia.

We are not aligned to one tyre company so we give you unbiased advice on the best tyre to suit your car and your driving conditions.

We won’t be beaten on tyre price or service . Call us with your tyre size for an obligation free quote.


Tyre Fitting

Our expert team takes pride in fitting the appropriate tyres to your vehicle, allowing you to worry about the more important things. We can fit these either alongside your service or independently.


We guarantee the effectiveness of repairs under normal operating conditions. All of our work carries a 12 month/20,000km warranty on parts supplied & labour carried out.


We employ qualified technicians and participate in recognised national training programs and regular workshop clinics.


We carry out tyres and changing services at a fair and reasonable cost.


Lots of satisfied clients return to our certified service centre to receive preventative maintenance or help from our skilled mechanics.

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Our services

The correct fitment of brakes and the quality of brakes you have fitted are critical in stopping your vehicle and keeping you safe. At Absolute Car Care we fit the highest quality brake pads, disc rotors, bleed brakes and repair braking systems including ABS (Antilock braking systems). We have all the latest tooling to do brake resets & clear brake faults on all the latest Euromarque & Japanese vehicles. We carry out brake replacement on your car to the highest of industry standards.

Do you have a car with special service needs? It might be an older classic or a rare import or a performance vehicle or a camper van or an upgraded 4WD. Let us know what it is you need and will endeavour to help.

We offer general repairs on all makes and models with a heavy focus on European vehicles. When something goes wrong with your car we know it’s important to get it back on the road as soon as possible. We built our reputation on doing repairs correctly the first time . Let us know your car issue or repair requirement and we will quote up accurately.

Absolute Car Care are ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) accredited member and can carry out air conditioning repairs, leak detection and Air Conditioning re-gassing on your vehicle . We carry out complete air conditioning system checks, including compressor (pump) checks, condenser, evaporator and hose repairs  We can check for mould & harmful bacteria build up in your Air Conditioning system. We also have advanced tooling to deal with the most complicated climate control systems. Call us for a discussion on your Air Conditioning issue.

Keeping your vehicles cooling system in good condition is paramount to keeping your engine healthy. We complete cooling system flushing , radiator flushing, radiator replacements, hose replacements, thermostat & water pump replacements. Anything to do with the cooling system we can help, don’t let your car overheat call us to organise a full cooling system check up.

Suspension shocks, springs, suspension arms & bushes, ball joints, tie rods, rack ends, power steering racks and power steering pumps can all be replaced or repaired in house by our team. We specialise in carrying out 4WD 🚙 lift kits and suspension upgrades to the highest standard. All our suspension lifts are done to ensure we meet ADR regulations. Call us for any suspension or steering repairs or upgrades .

Maintaining good quality oil in your cars engine is critical in keeping your car’s engine running well. Changing the oil on a regular basis is the lifeblood of the engine. We use the best quality oils and 💯 guarantee the right oil will go into your engine. Gone are the days when one oil can do all cars Oils ain’t Oils! We follow the manufactures specification religiously and itemise the oil supplied on your invoice. Call us if you need any advise on oil servicing for your vehicle.

We stock a big selection of high quality batteries with a minimum guarantee of 2 Years. We have standard, calcium, AGM, deep cycle and start stop batteries.

We can carry out a health test on your vehicles battery giving you a printout detailing it’s state of health and state of charge. So you know exactly the health of your battery to make an informed decision when changing your battery.

At the same time we install a new battery we will always test the alternator charge rate.

With the latest diagnostic computers we can perform battery resets, recalibration & handshake procedures for your new battery. This is a must on the latest latest European & Japanese cars.

We offer light bulb replacement, LED light upgrades, wipers and other accessories like tow-bars, exhaust system upgrades, alloy wheels, additional spot lights & led lights , winch installs, roof racks etc. Off road 4WD packages available.

Accordion Content

At Absolute Car Care we offer several different vehicle inspections and reports.


RWC Road worthy certificates / Safety Reports.

This report details all the safety requirements for issuing a Queensland Transport RWC. This is a mandatory requirement when doing a sale or transfer of a Qld vehicle or reregistering a deregistered vehicle.

Absolute Car Care are an Approved Inspection Station [AIS number 10105] with QLD TRANSPORT.

We lodge your RWC on the qld transport online portal and also give you a hard copy . They stay current for 2 months / 2000 kms, once issued your ready to sell!


Pre purchase reports

When purchasing a used car it’s imperative you have the car independently checked over even if it has a RWC. The pre purchase report goes much further than a RWC. We are checking the car to make sure no major issues arise in the near to medium term . We hone in on the engine, transmission, computers and overall condition of the vehicle mechanically. We check if it’s been in a major accident, been water flood damaged and check it’s previous service history. This is your best defence against buying a poorly maintained vehicle with problems. No after market warranty a selling dealer will try to comfort you with replaces this check . Don’t buy a used car without a pre purchase report!


Manufactures warranty report

If you have a new car with a factory warranty that is due to run out in the near future this is the report to get. This comprehensive report highlights anything that should be addressed by the manufacture under your statutory new car warranty. Essentially anything that is not normal wear & tear will be highlighted on your report. This can be addressed and rectified by the Manufactures dealer whilst your car is still inside the warranty period.


We offer on a very selective basis engine rebuilds, vehicle customisation and engine swaps and upgrades.This is a service we offer on selected cars only please call us to discuss your specific car requirements.

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